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-We use #190 instrument grade select hard rock maple.  Premium grade tone wood. We don’t cover up inferior grade wood with Formica to hide it. Select Birdseye maple tops. Select curly maple fronts and backs.

-All cast aluminum parts. The way steel guitars use to be built. Cast for bell resonance like Zane Beck intended. Cast aluminum rings like a bell. Modern extruded aluminum is cheap and sounds like a dud when you strike it.

-Original ZB 1968 replica pick-ups. One of the most unique sounding pedal steel pickups ever made. It’s at the heart of the ZB sound. Exact wire and magnets to get that ZB 60’ sound. 12.5, 18.5, and 23.5 taps selector switch.

-Gorgeous 60’s/70’s retro styling Double raise/double lower changer. The top half of the ZB Custom Steel changer is exactly like that of the original ZB. The bottom half has been modified for smooth double raise/lower with modern fingers.

-Mirror polished ADJUSTABLE aluminum knee levers. No economizing here. The knee levers can be cantered to fit your size.

-Highly polished Stainless Steel legs that look like Chrome but will they will never pit or rust.

-Our Guitars are outfitted with a Hatton Custom Split Case with wheels as standard. You just roll the body case around like luggage. By using a split-case, it reduces 12 pounds off the carry weight making it much easier to transport.

-Hard bodied automotive polyurethane finish. It will never crack, or fade. Highly weather and ding resistant. Much harder than lacquer. Resists bar dings.

-Premium quality replica hardware in Custom colors available.

-That fabulous ZB sound! Superior string separation qualities. Bite and growl that will cut right through an electric band mix.

Bell cranks can be removed by using an Allen-Key in a matter of seconds for quick setup change.

-Meter tuned, smooth precision quick-change bell crank mechanics.

-Embossed foot pedal.

-The guitar weighs just 32 pounds!

ZB Custom Steel Guitar

Amherst, NY
Ph: (716) 691-7505